Everyone wants to save some cash, right? Taking the best care of your pet is probably one of your top priorities and it’s important that Fluffy or Fido is healthy and happy. In this blog, we’re going to talk about some tips for preventative pet care and how to avoid multiple yearly vet visits, which can be costly. Remember, it’s essential to your pet’s health to see a vet for yearly check-ups. If you have a nervous pooch or sensitive feline that doesn’t enjoy the vet, contact Juniper Country Veterinarian Services. We’re proud to offer excellent mobile pet care for all of our patients, both big and small, in central Oregon. Contact us for an appointment today!

Diet and Exercise

Just like humans, pets need to eat well and get plenty of playtime. Make sure you’re not providing too many treats during the day and go for walks together often. If your pet struggles to get exercise, purchase some new toys to facilitate lots of running and jumping.

Brushing and Bathing

A dirty coat doesn’t only smell and look bad, it can make your furry friend have itchy or dry skin as well. Brush your pet often and pay attention to any abnormalities that you may notice. Your dog may need regular bathing, so make sure you spend plenty of time cleaning his or her coat. Cats don’t often need a bath, and you shouldn’t bathe them unless they’ve gotten into oil, mud, or a toxic substance.

Toxic Substances

It seems as if there are harmful items everywhere that could hurt your pet. Keep plants, cleaning products, food, and small objects out of your pet’s reach. This could be the difference between life or death for your cat or dog.

Pets can enjoy a long and healthy life and you can help Fido or Fluffy by offering healthy food and plenty of exercise. You’ll also save some green by giving him or her a great life. If you’re searching for a mobile pet vet in the central Oregon area, contact Juniper Country Veterinarian Services for an appointment today!