When it comes to the care of your beloved four-legged friend, you never want to take shortcuts. If your dog or cat is afraid or traumatized by the vet’s office, looking into a mobile pet vet might solve all of your current issues. Mobile vet care is becoming more and more popular for both pets and their owners because it’s relatively stress-free and extremely convenient. At Juniper Country Veterinary Services, we’re proud to offer premium vet care for both large and small animals. Contact us today for an appointment for your pet!

Pros of Mobile Vet Care

If your dog, cat, or other best friend is in good health, mobile vet care is an excellent option for both you and your four-legged friend. Instead of having to load your furry or feathered companion into a carrier and transporting him or her to the vet, you only need to open your front door. Some other reasons for mobile vet care include:

  • More individualized and focused care. When a vet is in your home, there are less distractions than in a vet’s office, so the vet can pay attention to your pet’s needs and unique healthcare concerns.
  • Less stress. If your pet is sensitive to car travel or afraid of an office setting, keeping him or her calm and relaxed is your first priority. Instead of causing undue anxiety to both you and your pet, an exam and yearly vaccinations can happen in the comfort of your home.
  • Less exposure to contagious illnesses. Unfortunately, it can be hard to contain germs in a vet office, and pets that have a weakened immune system are exposed to many pathogens in the waiting room or kennels that can make them ill.
  • Multiple pets can be examined. Instead of trying to bring your dog, two cats, and parakeet to the vet during separate trips, a mobile vet can attend to all four animals in one visit. This will help your multi-pet family enjoy less stress and you won’t have to take an entire day off of work to take your pets to their yearly check-ups.

While there are some restrictions with mobile pet vet care, such as critical care or emergency situations, most mobile vets can bring their office to you. We’re proud to have a fully-outfitted mobile vet trailer with ultrasound, surgical services, and an x-ray machine. Don’t worry about corners being cut when you make an appointment with a mobile pet vet. Call Juniper Country now and your beloved friend will receive the same care in your home as he or she would in a vet’s office.

Don’t spend hours of your day sitting in a crowded vet’s office with your stressed-out and nervous pet. Call Juniper Country Veterinary Services now for an appointment with our compassionate and dedicated veterinarians. We’re proud to offer care for small and large animals in central Oregon. Contact us now!